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Residential Property Management - ASH Property

ASH Chartered Surveyors offers a different kind of residential block property management. Our residential property managers are thorough and experienced and provide a professional client service that is sadly lacking throughout the industry.


Our aim is simple – to offer a professional, personalised service to the members, directors and leaseholders of residential management companies.

Our primary function as managers is to ensure the maintenance of your property and its services is undertaken in the most cost efficient manner, but in addition, enhances the value of your interest.

Residential Management Brochure

Our Management Philosophy

Services are carefully tailored to the requirements of each client and to the particular needs of your property.  A qualified chartered surveyor is allocated to oversee the management of the property.

  • Regular meetings are arranged with both members and directors
  • We call upon proven local tradespeople so that levels of service, response times and price are ensured

The Management Services

The services offered to our clients include:

  • Annual preparation of the Service Charge Budgets and detailed financial information for agreement, prior to the issue of service charge invoices
  • Collection of Service Charge
  • Preparation of  the annual service charge and reconciliation accounts
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Company Accounts for filing by the Company Secretary at Companies House
  • Management of individual Management Company or Residents' Association Bank Accounts in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors regulations
  • Payment of costs through an authorised budgetary approvals process in accordance with the RICS Code of Practice
  • Answering of residents' queries
  • Dealing with emergency repairs and insurance claims
  • Supervision of Contractors
  • Regular inspections, minimum once per month, more regularly if necessary
  • Reporting on a regular basis
  • Planned programme of maintenance
  • Recommendations for management efficiencies
  • Pursuance of unpaid service charges
  • Debt collection to be undertaken where necessary
  • Health & Safety and advice on other statutory regulations

ASH Chartered Surveyors have managed our building along with the other residential blocks in the Docks, for several years.  They are professional, efficient and very approachable.  They respond well in emergencies and are available 24/7 when required.  Over the years they have managed to reduce our overheads by continuously seeking better deals for services whilst also keeping us compliant with regulations.  I would thoroughly recommend them.

Should you require a detailed management proposal tailored to your needs, then please do not hesitate to contact Richard Smith BSc (Hons) MIRPM or Sarah Bird BA (Hons) AIRPM

Call 01242 237274.or 01452 300433.

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