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ASH Chartered Surveyors provides expert advice to our landlord and tenant clients on the complexities of lease renewal and all elements of lease restructuring. Whether negotiating a lease renewal or items on an existing lease, our professional team have detailed knowledge of the procedures and strategy required to provide the best result for the client. Tenants can also renew their lease if they meet certain criteria which opens up a dialogue for negotiations, and this is when we can step in. We have extensive experience to deal with landlords or tenants and support you in court.

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Lease Renewals

Every lease is different, so a full understanding of leases and Landlord and Tenant law is critical when providing lease advice. ASH use our expertise and local market place knowledge to advise clients of their opportunities. When a settlement cannot be reached by negotiation we are experienced in representing clients at Arbitration or at referral to an Independent Expert. Existing clients' property details are held on a database which alerts us to lease events well in advance so that we can advise our clients in good time, before the date itself.

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Lease restructuring

Lease restructuring is an ever-growing area, which refers to the act of adjusting the terms of the lease, even though the existing contract hasn’t expired yet. This usually happens in one of two ways:

  • New lease terms are negotiated, and entirely replace the current lease. In instances where there are issues to be addressed, the lease restructuring might be carried out together with a deed of surrender.
  • The current lease is altered, but kept in place. Certain terms are adjusted to benefit both the landlord and tenant, while some clauses remain the same.
  • We can provide advice and support for the surrender of properties.

A range of issues can be addressed depending on the contractual arrangement, and we would be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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