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ASH Chartered Surveyors offer rating services aimed at reducing your business overheads and making your life easier. We do this by simplifying the increasingly complex tax system affecting all business occupiers and owners of any empty commercial property.


We have had many years experience of Rating Valuation and Law, local knowledge and a detailed understanding of the Uniform Business Rate and Transitional Relief. As a result, we can advise clients with authority on opportunities to make significant savings on this outgoing.

Opportunities to appeal arise not only at every five yearly Revaluation but also whenever any alterations to a property, its occupation or its immediate environment, occur. This includes for example the effects of temporary road closure on a property, or the effect on nearby towns of the opening of a major out-of-town shopping centre.

Opportunities to appeal are also available when significant changes are made to the property itself - this may include temporary reductions whilst refurbishment is undertaken. 

We offer detailed rating advice across all sectors of the property market to include:

  • Rating Appeals – handling the whole appeal process and the negotiations on existing rating valuations.
  • Vacant Rates – advice on exemptions, appealing Completion Notices on new builds and forecasting potential liabilities.
  • Rates Management – advice on bills and their correct calculation, preparation of forecasts and budgets and processing of rebates.

The national Revaluation in 2017 offers a chance to review a property's assessment relative to others of a similar nature. Local knowledge is key to understanding the scope for effective savings at a challenging time.

For more information on any of our property services please contact Alastair Mylechreest BSc (Hons) MRICS on 01452 300433 or email

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