Significant changes have been proposed for the Use Classes Order.

Significant changes have been proposed for the Use Classes Order.

The Government have announced that a number of significant amendments are to be made to the commercial Use Classes Order from the 1st September 2020. Briefly, the proposed changes will include the removal of Class A, Class B1 and Class D uses with the creation of two new classes:

Class E. Commercial, Business and Service

E' use class will combine into a single use A1 (Retail), A2 (professional services) and A3 (restaurants and cafes). In addition to these uses, it will also include B1 (offices) and some elements of D1 (non-residential institutions) and D2 (Assembly and Leisure) including gyms, health clubs, clinics and crèches/nurseries. 

Class F. Local Community and Learning 

Class F.1 includes schools, galleries, museums, halls, libraries and places of worship.
Class F.2 includes essential isolated shops, community halls, outdoor sports facilities and swimming pool /skating rinks. 

The majority of other use classes will remain unchanged however A4 (drinking establishments) and A5 (Hot Food Takeaway) use classes have been removed and will be considered 'Sui Generis' users as will cinemas, concert, dance and bingo halls which fell within the former D2 use class. 

Residential uses (Class C), general industrial (B2) and storage and distribution (B8) remain unchanged.

The proposed changes should provide owners and occupiers with greater flexibility in what they choose to do with their properties and hopefully help rejuvenate the retail sector.

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